Life Sciences

Our practice extends to all aspects of life sciences, including health products, health services, and health-sector reform.

Our attorneys advise and support life science players worldwide through the entire spectrum of their operations, from new product development and market entry, to scaling up and crisis management, addressing their contractual, regulatory and compliance needs (including anti-bribery and FCPA concerns).

Our clients include mature firms, start-ups, inventors, investors, non-profit organizations, regulators and governments.

Health products

We assist clients with respect to regulated and unregulated health products, including medical devices, active pharmaceutical ingredients, foodtechs, biocides, human/animal tissues, blood products, health-sector nanotechnologies, IOT in health, phytogenics, cosmetics, and well-being products.

We advise and support clients on legal, contractual, regulatory and compliance aspects, with a focus on cross-border matters.


Health services

We assist clients with health services development, issue remediation, staff credentialing, and reimbursement.

Health-sector government services

We advise health authorities and regulators on complex and sensitive operational health-sector matters.  We perform independent assessments of how existing health legislation addresses priorities.  We look for existing good health legislation models in other countries to help justify, negotiate, design and implement reforms.  We help find rapid solutions in times of crisis.


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