Our Seattle office has a broad and deep practice in international trade and U.S. customs law.

We are expert legal counsel to global businesses responsible for strategic solutions to optimize payment of duties, improve import compliance, and facilitate the cross-border movement of goods. We provide a range of trade services to meet the scope of import regulations and our clients’ needs.

Emily Lawson

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Practice Highlights

  • Active practice assisting companies with key import compliance matters: tariff classification, customs valuation, country of origin, and marking.
  • Pre-importation planning including advance Customs rulings to provide clarity on how Customs will treat a prospective import.
  • Broad experience assisting companies in obtaining exclusions from trade remedies, i.e., antidumping and countervailing duties, Section 201 safeguard measures, Section 301 unfair trade practices, and Section 232 national security actions.
  • Advise companies on structuring transactions to gain benefits from tariff saving programs (USMCA, FTAs, GSP, and Miscellaneous Tariff Bill provisions).
  • Customs protests and internal advice to reduce duties or reduce regulatory requirements.
  • · Assist importers in carefully responding to Customs Requests for Information (CBP Form 28) and Notices of Action (CBP Form 29) and filing prior disclosures to avoid or mitigate Customs penalty exposure.
  • An active practice representing companies facing Customs enforcement matters including Customs penalties, regulatory audits, merchandise seizures, and liquidated damages claims.
  • Counsel on the development of international trade compliance procedures and training.
  • Advise companies in risk assessment concerning supply-chain and facilitate requests for vessel manifest confidentiality to maintain privacy of sensitive import data from competitors.
  • Extensive experience advocating companies’ rights and import interests before U.S. government trade agencies and litigate before the U.S. Court of International Trade and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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