International Labour and Human Rights Law 

Our practice spans all international aspects of environmental and social governance (ESG) focusing on labour and human rights compliance, including in international trade, investment, and business regulation.

We advise and support government and legislative authorities, companies and industry associations, inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs), and private sector regulators.  We address commercial, regulatory and compliance needs across the full range of their operations as well as the legal aspects of stakeholder and community strategies.  

Due diligence services

Our lawyers assist clients facing reputational, investor, or regulatory pressures to monitor, target, plan and implement due diligence processes that eliminate risks to market access from allegations of forced and child labour in the chain, and violations of occupational safety and health (OSH) and social protection thresholds used in international standards.  

We conduct independent expert assessments of how existing regulation and certification systems address current priorities and practices.  We look for proven and suitable best practice models across countries and industries to design and implement reforms, justify operational strategies, and develop effective and swift solutions at critical junctures. 

We offer services to investors assessing an opportunity and ways to de-risk investment leads in a range of industries including life sciences, manufacturing, mining, and service sectors. 

Supply chain-related services

We assist clients at national and transnational levels to confidently manage their labour and social compliance and relations with partners and stakeholders in global supply chains. Our advice and services can bring enhanced and sustainable results in legal compliance records, market reputation, and risk mitigation through remediation and prevention systems.  

Based on our global field experience, we offer a competitive cutting edge in supply chain labor and community relations for companies and NGOs to minimize labour risks and build integrated safety and health management practices that aim to attract market access with a sound reputational basis.  

Government and public services in labour and social sectors

We advise public authorities, regulators and legislators on policy and operational matters related to outward and inward-facing labour and social compliance.  We conduct independent and confidential assessments, reform, and implementation of legislation and regulation to demonstrate compliance with internationally-benchmarked obligations concerning labour, employment, cross-border migration and other social standards to meet market and community needs. 

We also work with IGOs, including multilateral development banks and their public and private sector beneficiaries, to help implement and apply performance standards related to labour and employment and human rights law.

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