Dr.David Luff


Practice Experience and Education


Dr David Luff has been practising international trade and investment law at both EC and international levels for twenty-four years. He advised private multinational companies and governments in trade-related matters in the sectors of financial services, postal and telecommunications services, renewable energy, diamonds, textiles and clothing, steel, aluminium, drilling material, chemicals, sugar, bananas, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. He also regularly advises governments and economic operators on WTO implementation, trade negotiations, supply chain strategies, and investment issues. His work brought him to more than eighty countries. Dr David Luff has extensive experience of developing countries, in particular the ACP and South East Asia.

Dr David is also an experienced litigator before international Courts and arbitration chambers. He is in charge of several sanctions and trade remedy case cases before the General Court of the EU and the European Court of Justice. He is also well versed in arbitration related to development assistance, in particular under the special arbitration rules of the European Development Fund. He also advocates cases for his clients before WTO Panels and the United Nations Security Council.

Dr David Luff is a professor of International Trade Law at the University of Liege in Belgium, at the College of Europe, at the University of Lille in France, and at the International Economic Law Programmes of the University of Barcelona. He is qualified at the Brussels Bar. He holds a PhD from Brussels University and has studied in Brussels and New York.

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  •  The “Guide to the World’s Leading International Trade Lawyers” since 2009.
  • Who’s Who of Trade and Customs Lawyers since 2011.
  • Legal 500, “Leading Lawyer 100 – International Trade Law”
  • Chambers since 2014 “Clients commend Appleton Luff’s David Luff as ‘extremely knowledgeable about EU trade laws,’and praise his profound understanding of the issues surrounding their legal requirements. He represents an eclectic range of international clients in EU proceedings”



PhD in Law, Free University of Brussels (ULB), June 2003

Masters in Public Administration, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, New York, USA, June 1995 (consistently ranked No 1 public administration programme in the United States)

LL.M. in Public International Law, Free University of Brussels (ULB), June 1993 (Two-year graduate degree pursued while working full-time as an attorney)

Licence en Droit (Law Degree), June 1991


English, French, Italian and Spanish


Europe : Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia

Asia : Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uzbekistan

Africa : South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Comores, Seychelles, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Sao Tome & Principe, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Senegal, Cape Verde, Mauritania

America : United States, Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haïtii, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao.

Oceania : Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, French Polynesia.

Professional History and Affiliations


Partner, Appleton Luff – International Lawyers

Visiting Professor, Collège of Europe

Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Lille

Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona

Associate Professor of International Trade Law, Liège University


Brussels Bar (Ordre français des avocats du Barreau de Bruxelles),

European Trade Law Association (ETLA),

Europe Tribune (EU-China Issues): Member of the Editorial Board,

Review Committee, Revue Québecoise de droit international,

Observatoire de l’Intégration Economique, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal


Visiting Professor, MGIMO University, Moscow

Guest Professor, University Bocconi, Milan, Italy

Guest Professor, Università di Sassari, Italy



Date from – Date to Location Company Description
April 2006 – Present Brussels, Belgium Appleton Luff – International Lawyers

Founding Partner in law firm. Legal practice of international and European Economic Law (www.appletonluff.com). WTO Law, Free Trade and Investment Agreements, Regional Integration, Trade remedies and customs regulation of the EU. Litigation and arbitration.

June 2003- March 2006. Brussels, Belgium O’Connor and Company.

Partner in law firm. International Trade Law (WTO and EC levels).

Trade remedies. Regional Integration, Doha Round and Trade Policy Strategies.

2000-2003 Brussels, Belgium Dal & Veldekens

Partner in Law Firm. International Trade Law (WTO and EC levels), Trade remedies, EC Internal Market and EC Competition Law. Litigation.

1998-2000 Brussels, Belgium Clifford Chance

Senior associate in law firm. International Trade Law (WTO and EC levels), in particular anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard cases. Dispute settlement and Litigation.

1995-1998 Brussels, Belgium Coudert Brothers

Associate in law firm. International Trade Law (WTO and EC levels) and EC law: technical barriers to trade, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy procedures, customs rules, WTO dispute settlement, market access actions and EC litigation. Study for the EC Commission on Telecommunications Laws.

1992-1994 Brussels, Belgium Dal & Veldekens

Trainee and then associate in law firm. Belgian and EC litigation. Advice on international trade regulations.

1991-1992 Brussels, Belgium De Bandt, Van Hecke & Lagae

Trainee in law firm. Banking and Commercial Law.



English, French, Italian and Spanish

Recent Projects

Location Description
Brussels- Paris

Legal advice in an arbitration case before the International Centre for the Settlement of Disputes (investment-related issue)

Brussels – Africa – Asia

Preparation of several WTO Members for the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference.

Brussels – Luxembourg – Taiwan

Action for annulment before the General Court of the EU against an antidumping duty imposed on on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products originating in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan.

Brussels – Luxembourg

Two actions for damages before the General Court of the EU resulting from the illegality of international sanctions.


Implementation of trade remedy legislation in Algeria.

CEFTA Countries

Consistency of trade policy formulation in CEFTA countries


Advice regarding the promotion of environmental goods and services in the country. Advice on the multilateral negotiations pertaining to environmental goods and services.


Assessment of new Investment Law and Implementing Acts.

Brussels, Central Africa, New York

Reinstatement of a State in the Kimberley process. Representation of client before the sanctions committee of the UN Security Council. Application before the Focal Point of the UN Security Council for the withdrawal of sanctions against two companies listed in the sanctions list of the UN.


Advice on Comoros’ accession to the WTO


Advice on rules of origin in the agro-business sector

Addis Ababa – African Union

Setting up an African Business Council, to carry out business dialogue regarding the Continental Free Trade Area

European Union

Preparing three anti-dumping complaints for the companies concerned. Follow-up of the interests of the EU industry in the sector.

Brussels, Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Feasibility Study of a Vanuatu – New Caledonia Free Trade Agreement. Fostering investments of NC in Vanuatu. Sectoral analysis


Challenges related to EPA negotiations and implementation in services sectors.


Advice in relation to the export control provisions in the EU-Vietnam FTA and on the EU Trade Policy. Advice on GATS commitments regarding intra-corporate transferees and on the impact of possible options on Foreign Direct Investment.

United States

Drafting of a practical and tailored EU customs compliance Manual. Ongoing representation of a US multinational company on EU customs matters

Ethiopia, The Hague

Representation of the European Union in a dispute between Ethiopian and Djibouti State entities and a Contractor under EDF rules before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

Brussels and Luxembourg

Application before the General Court of the EU against the Council’s Regulations and Decisions imposing sanctions against the client.


Formulation of a long-term Myanmar Trade and Private Sector Development Programme.


Definition and design of activities for the next five years in the areas covered by the future EU-Vietnam FTA.

Brussels, Paris, West Africa and Central Africa

Assistance to OIF for the preparations for the implementation of the OIF / Commonwealth Programme for the “Capacity Building of ACP States for the Formulation, Negotiation and Implementation of Trade Policies” (Hubs Spokes).

Cote d’Ivoire

– Institutional Review of National EPA Committee.

– Advice on legal issues related to the ratification of the EPA with the EU

– Coaching for the creation of a specialised University EPA course.

Brussels, Indonesia and Singapore

Legal representation in an antidumping and an antisubsidy proceeding regarding imports of biodiesel originating in Indonesia

CARIFORUM countries

Institutional Review of CARIFORUM.


Follow up and analysis of the evolution of the technical regulation in Ukraine and external assessment of the conditions and benchmarks for the EU-funded sector policy support programme on technical barriers to trade. Sectoral analysis.

Brussels Indonesia, Singapore and Luxembourg

Application before the General Court of the EU against the Council Regulation imposing a definitive antidumping duty against Fatty Alcohols originating in Indonesia. Appeal before the Court of Justice.


Developing Strategies for Sustainable Long Term Economic Development in Curacao.

All developing countries

Feasibility Study for Establishing an Advisory Centre on Regional Trade Agreements (ACORTA).

West Africa

Implementation of the ECOWAS Common Trade Policy – Regional Integration – study on informal trade (causes, implications and scenarios for solutions).


Supporting the Ministry of Industry and Trade for future negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement with the EU: research and practical presentation on the EU policy-making process and institutional arrangements pertaining to the negotiation, the conclusion and implementation of a FTA.


Advice on the services and investment components of a possible Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement.


Advice to the CARICOM Secretariat and Office of Trade Negotiations on the WTO DSU Reform, Trade and Environment issues and key issues of interest to the Caribbean in the DDA.


Advice on Vietnam’s possible accession to the relevant international conventions relating to the carriage of goods by sea.

Brussels – Luxembourg

Application before the General Court of the EU against the Council’s Regulations and Decisions imposing sanctions against Iranian Companies. Court Judgment upholding the applications.

Kiev, Ukraine

Complementary measures to the sector policy support programme Promoting mutual trade by removing technical barriers to trade between Ukraine and the European Union.

Cotonou, Bénin

Trade Policy Course for West and central Africa, organised by the WTO

Bujumbura, Burundi

Advice to the Ministry of EAC Affairs on the WTO Agreement, the East African Community Common Market and the ongoing EPA negotiations.


Preparation of prospects for the negotiations of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) of professional qualifications for Architects between EU and CARIFORUM


Advice on the optimal government structure to assess the impact of international economic integration on the economy, policy-making and legislative coordination.

Brussels, Washington

Study on the implementation techniques used for bilateral trade agreements. Consultations to devise optimal mechanisms to foster implementation of FTAs.

Malawi and Brussels

Review of trade-and investment-related legislation in key services sectors of Malawi.

Brussels and Damascus

Identification of inter-ministerial mechanisms required to adjust and implement international trade agreements.

Brussels, Paris, West Africa and Central Africa

Preparation of negotiations and administrative structure required within regional integration organisations in West and Central Africa to implement the “Programme for the “Capacity Building of ACP States for the Formulation, Negotiation and Implementation of Trade Policies” (Hubs Spokes). Drafting of Project’s documents.

Geneva, Brussels, West Africa and Central Africa

Exploration and planning activity: fostering public-private dialogue and institutional building for a regional private sector organisation in Western and Central Africa.


Study on the External Dimension of the EU Postal Acquis.


Advice in relation to services trade negotiations in the DDA. Review of Vietnam’s trade-related legislation (trade defense, law on commerce, customs and competition).

Brussels, Paris, West Africa and Central Africa

Orientation of the OIF / Commonwealth Programme for the “Capacity Building of ACP States for the Formulation, Negotiation and Implementation of Trade Policies” (Hubs Spokes).

Brussel and OCTs

Study on the international trade regime of OCTs, the relevance and status of domestic legislation and administrative reforms required to adjust to the current international trade context.


Preliminary advice on rules of origin.

ESA Countries (Rwanda, Burundi, Comores, Mauritius, Zambia, Madagascar)

Assistance in services’ scheduling and regulations for the purposes of facilitating ESA countries’ EPA services negotiations


Definition and design of activities for the next four years in the areas of Competition policy and consumer protection and looking at their interface with the trade policy of Vietnam.

Brussels, London, Geneva and the ground

Evaluation and performance assessment of the trade law assistance provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Advice and public-private dialogue related to the services trade package in the EU-CARIFORUM EPA.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Advice on services trade negotiations between the EU and CARIFORUM

Kiev, Ukraine

Advice in the context of Ukraine’s Accession to the WTO. Trade in services. Agriculture and WTO Dispute settlement reform. Designing and delivering Trade Assistance Programmes, with particular emphasis on Agriculture Policy-making.

Hanoi, Vietnam, Brussels

Advice to relevant ministries, agencies and stakeholders on the Doha Round. Advice on service trade liberalisation and on non-market economy status.


Private sector Development. Enhancing the promotion of the private sector in the field of trade and industry in compliance with the government’s aspirations and WTO Law.


An analysis of Bilateral Trade Agreements Concluded by the Member States of the European Community. Monitoring Table Produced.

Brussels and Geneva

Private Sector Development. Suggesting the means enabling the private sector to participate in the realisation of offensive strategies in international trade.

Colombo-Sri Lanka

Planning and delivering a training programme “Introduction to the Multilateral Trading System”.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Assessing the needs of Vietnam in its post-WTO accession phase. This work entailed formulating recommendations for an integrated framework of future capacity-building activities in light of the challenges Vietnam would face after its WTO Accession. Regional Integration in the context of ASEAN and APEC was also considered.

Kigali Rwanda

Advice in the context of the ongoing Doha Round Negotiations in trade in services

Brussels and ACP States

Director, Management Unit TradeCom Programme (a 50 million Euros programme to facilitate integration of ACP States in the international Trade Community). Administered and assessed the performance of more than one hundred requests for technical assistance and fourty-six projects implemented throughout the ACP. Projects related to trade policy, administrative reforms and enhancement. Extensive presence in the field.


Providing a road map for ACP States to develop their capacity to take full advantage of their rights under international trade rules in the sector of textiles and clothing.

Brussels and Geneva

Supervision and evaluation of a traineeship programme for ACP lawyers and economists.


Paper on cross-sectoral strategies for the ACP to take advantage of WTO rules.

Kampala, Uganda

Advice on the implementation of the Agriculture and SPS Agreements.

Nairobi, Kenya

Presentation on the “Legal aspects of international strategies for bilateral and multilateral Trade negotiations”, multinational workshop.


“EC’s implementation of WTO Law”, Top Level Class Program of Legal Applications of China’s Accession to WTO”, organised by the Chinese Ministry of Justice and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, in Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing (China)


“Recent developments in the application of the WTO Antidumping Agreement“, top level conference given in Dakar, Senegal, 11-13 March 2002 in a workshop organised by the Islamic Development Bank


“European trade law, WTO and market access”, Management Development Institute in India, New Delhi.

South Africa

EC Antidumping and anti-subsidy procedures concerning a steel product originating in South Africa. Conduct of the case on behalf of producers-exporters and advice to the South African government on the alleged subsidies granted. Regular journeys throughout the country and investigations at production facilities.


Taught a course in Public and Commercial European Law to 200 law students at the National University of Vietnam.

Advice to the Vietnamese government on trade law and European trade policy.





“Le droit de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce. Analyse critique” (the Law of the World Trade Organisation. Critical Analysis)

Co-editor, “The WTO and Global Convergence in Telecommunications and Audio-Visual Services”


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Teaching and Conference Appearances


  •  Visiting Professor, University of Lille, Faculty of Law, Course on “The World Trade Organisation and Trade Remedies”, as of academic year 2004-2005; and Course on “The Enterprise, the Single Market and External relations”, as of academic year 2015-2016;
  • Visiting Professor, Barcelona University, LLM International Economic Law and Policy (IELPO), course on “African Regionalism”, as from academic years 2010-2011 and course on “Practical Tools for Policy Modelling and Legal Foundations to Negotiate Trade Agreements”, as from academic year 2012 – 2013;
  •  Visiting Professor, College of Europe, Course on “EU Trade Policy and WTO Law”, as of academic year 2007-2008;
  •  Guest Professor, University of Sassari, Italy Course on WTO Law, May-June 2012; May-June 2014 and forthcoming;
  •  Guest Professor, Bocconi University, Milano, Italy, Courses and research on International and European Law, academic year 2007-2008;
  • ?Guest Professor, European Studies Institute, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), Full course on WTO Law, March 2008, May 2009, May 2010, May-June 2011;
  • Guest Professor, University of Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo, Mozambique, Faculty of Law, Course on “Trade in goods Regulation” and “Trade Remedies”, Master in International Commercial Law, as of academic year 2003-2004;
  • Assistant Professor, Brussels’ University (ULB): Teaching and training students on a course “Introduction to law and legal methodology”, academic years 1998 to 2008;
  • Guest Professor, Università Cattaneo in Castellanza, Italy, Course on “Regulation and Economics of the Global Market”, November – December 2003;
  • Assistant Professor, Liège University (ULG): Training students on a course “English Legal Terminology” (2000 – 2002) Research on the International Law of Telecommunications and Multimedia, as of academic year 2000 – 2001 Member of the Research Group on Network Industries at the Institute of European Legal Studies;


  • Trainer, College of Europe, Bruges, Training Programme on the WTO Law and Legal Aspect of Trade Policy for Officials of the European Commission, Directorate General for Trade, since September 2003;
  • Coordinator and trainer, College of Europe, Executive Education Programme on Trade Policy, since 2013;
  • Trainer, College of Europe, Bruges, Summer Intensive Seminars on Trade Law at the College’s summer school, since 2012;
  • Trainer, College of Europe, Bruges, Training Programme on the WTO Law and Legal Aspect of Trade Policy for Officials of the European Commission, Directorate General for Health, January and June 2014;
  • Trainer, College of Europe, Bruges, regular custom-made training courses on trade law and the EU trade policy for officials and diplomats of third countries, since 2003;
  • Trainer, International Development Law Organisation, workshop on the Agreement on Agriculture and the Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation, Kampala, Uganda, 11 and 12 November 2004;
  • Training course, “WTO Dispute Settlement” to Chinese Officials of Guangxi Provincial Government of China, November 2003;
  • Training Course on Market Access in WTO Law to trade officials from Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, organized by the World Trade Institute, November 2003;
  • Lecturer, Siena University, Italy: training course, in Italian, on WTO Law to PhD students, Doctoral Programme of International Law and Economics, June 2003;
  • Lecturer, South-East China University, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing, China: “EC’s implementation of WTO Law”, series of lectures given in the context of the “Top Level Class Program of Legal Applications of China’s Accession to WTO”, organised by the Chinese Ministry of Justice and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, March 2003;
  • Trainer, French and German speaking Bars, Belgium: “L’OMC et l’Union européenne”, course given at the Annual Professional Educational Programme of the Conference of French and German speaking Bars of Belgium, October – November 2001;
  • Lecturer, Management Development Institute, New Delhi, India: Three-days seminar on “European Business Law and Market Access” to Indian senior policy-makers and businessmen, October 2001;
  • Lecturer, the World Trade Institute “International trade law of telecommunications”, one-week seminar to the students of the Master of International Law and Economics, the World Trade Institute, Bern, March 2001;
  • Lecturer, National University of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam: Taught a course in Public and Commercial European Law to 200 law students at the National University of Vietnam Advice to the Vietnamese government on trade law and European trade policy, November 1996 – January 1997


  • Speaker, “Enjeux de la coopération commerciale Asie-Afrique-Union européenne », at a Regional multistakeholders consultations of Francophone countries in preparation for the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1 December 2015
  • Speaker , « Préparation des pays francophones d’Afrique à la 10è Conférence Ministérielle de l’OMC », Conakry, Guinée, 26 November 2015
  •  Speaker,”Stratégies et enjeux de l’usage des instruments de défense commerciale”, Alger, Ministry of Trade, 29 september 2015
  • Speaker, “International experience in trade liberalization negotiation for environmental goods and services: Lesson learnt and options for Viet Nam”, EU-MUTRAP, Ho Chi Minh City, 14 September 2015
  •  Speaker, «Maîtriser la globalisation des affaires est possible, quelles que soient la taille de votre entreprise et de votre secteur » , BECI Export Day, Chambre de Commerce de Bruxelles, 29 May 2015
  •  Member, Geneva Dialogue on Trade in Sustainable Energy Services and Goods, Chatham House and ICTSD, 2013-2015
  •  Speaker, « Le marché unique : des espaces économiques nationaux au sein d’un commerce mondialisé », International Conference, « L’Union Européenne : les Etats-Unis ou la persistance des souverainismes », University of Lille, 11 and 12 April 2013
  • Speaker, Comments on the EU’s trade policy in “The Neighbours of the EU’s Neighbours: Political, Legal, Security and Socio-Economic Challenges beyond the ENP” organized by the College of Europe on 21-22 March in Bruges, Belgium, 21 March 2013
  •  Speaker, le Droit de l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce, Academic Conference, University of Lille, 31 March 2012
  •  Speaker, “Three years of Vietnam’s participation in the World Trade Organisation”, Vietnam’s Diplomatic Academy, 12 October 2010
  • Speaker, “Old and New Buzzwords in the Digital Trade Discourse – Convergence” In the context of the 2010 Edition of the World Trade Forum, organized by the World Trade Institute, dedicated to Trade Governance in the Digital Age, 3 September 2010
  •  Speaker,”Droit le l’OMC et OGM : Quelle alchimie entre le principe de précaution et le principe de cohérence ?, VIIè Colloque annuel du réseau francophone de droit international, « Le droit de l’OMC à l’épreuve des OGM », Montréal, Canada, 8 May 2010
  • Speaker, “The Implementation of Preferential Trade Agreements: the experience of the EU”, in the context of a workshop on “Implementing Free Trade Agreements in Latin America: Lessons and Challenges”, organized by the Inter American Development Bank, Washington DC, 7 April 2010
  • Speaker and Chair of Session, “Legal Aspects in EPA Services Trade Negotiations” and “Other Legal Aspects of EPAs”, in the context of a “Seminar on Legal aspects of trade policy, regional and multilateral trade negotiations for SADC EPA States”, Johannesburg, 18-22 May 2009
  • Acted as Scientific Advisor during the first regional sensitization workshop for Members of Parliaments of Central African countries on International Trade Agreements and Economic Partnership Agreements Bangui (Central African Republic) 12, 13 and 14 January 2009, at the National Assembly, under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, Chief of State, current President of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa
  • “Public-Private Dialogue on the International Trading System Empowering Business for Advocacy in the New International Trading System”, presentation on the best practices of public-private dialogue mechanisms with respect to international trade negotiations, Monrovia, Liberia, 8 September 2008
  • “Non-tariff barriers to trade in the context of the EU’s Stabilisation and Partnership Process with South Balkan countries”, presentation and participation in a Business Forum for the EU and Eastern Europe convened by the support of the Government of Slovenia, Slovenia’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the International Trade Centre, 26 and 27 June 2008
  • Participation to an expert meeting at the University of Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne on 16 and 17 June, on the impact of World Trade Organization (WTO) law on the right to food Presentation on “Non-tariff barriers to access the market of developed countries and the strengthening of producers’ capacities in developing countries”
  • Speaker, “Azerbaijan’s Opportunities in International Trade Taking Advantage of he WTO”, Fostering Trade through Public-Private Dialogue, RoundTable on the Business Implications and WTO Accession, Baku, Azerbaijan, 14 May 2008
  • Speaker, “The Trade Protocol of the Southern African Development Community – shortcomings and perspectives”, First International Conference on Regional Integration Issues and SADC Law, Maputo, Mozambique, 23-25 April 2008
  • Presentation on the Services Aspects of the EU /CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement at a Pro€Invest Workshop on the “Economic Partnership Agreements and Regional Integration Establishing a Competitive Private Sector”, Port-au-Prince, Haïti, 24-25 January 2008
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